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Service/Product name: SSNS Training Course 1: Genetics and genomics of disease resistance in aquaculture

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description


Genetic improvement programs are focused on increasing economic effectiveness of aquaculture systems though selective breeding. In this regard, all heritable and economically relevant traits such as growth rate; flesh color; and disease resistance should be included in the breeding goals.  some breeding programs for aquatic species have typically included disease resistance based on information from relatives. Recent advances in molecular techniques as next generation sequencing and high throughput genotyping methods have helped identify genetic variants influencing phenotypic variation for different traits in a wide range of organisms. This training course has been designed to provide up-to-date knowledge about  seletive breeding to improve disease resistance in aquaculture and the application of molecular tools for the identification of genetic factors involved in important traits.

Learning outcome

-          Enhance knowledge of breeding program in aquaculture

-          Acquire skills of different types of molecular markers and their application.

-          Update the recent advances in molecular biology techniques in aquaculture

Lecture – 4 hours (3+3) – Classroom

  1. Current trends and scope for breeding program in aquaculture
  2. Molecular markers in aquaculture
  3. Application of molecular information into breeding schemes to improve disease resistance straits.

Practice – 15 hours (3+3+3+3+3) – lab work

-          Preparation for Lab works (chemicals, samples,….)

-          PCR for 1-2 molecular markers

-          Sample analysis and data record

          Final report including business plan: by each participant – max. 3 pages

Presentation of results by the group of students (Seminar Room)

-          Techniques and lessons learned

-          Wrap-up by Instructor (1 hour)

Feedback and evaluation by students/participants

Resource person: Dr Tran Thi Thuy Ha