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Service/Product name: SSNS Training Course 7: Aquaculture Technology, Aquactic animal health and Biosecurity

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description

SSNS Training Course 7:

Aquaculture Technology, Aquactic animal health and Biosecurity


Modern aquaculture, through the intensification of culture systems and the diversification of both the species cultured and the culture methods employed, often creates an ideal environment for pathogens to flourish. The expanded and occasionally irresponsible global movements of live aquatic animals have been accompanied by the transboundary spread of a wide variety of disease agents that have sometimes caused serious damage to aquatic food productivity and resulted in serious pathogens becoming endemic in culture systems and the natural aquatic environment. Thus, the protection of plants, animals and the wider environment from the unwanted impacts of biological agents including diseases and pests becomes necessarily for sustained aquaculture. This course helps participants to raise awareness of basic and advanced aquaculture technologies in nation and over the world in the direction of biosecurity for products, animals and culture areas and environmentally friendly culture.

Learning outcome

On successful completion of this module, student should be able to:

  1. Have certain awareness of biosecurity in aquaculture and food safety.
  2. Understand the regulations and technical standards for safe culture area and product.
  3. Apply aquaculture biosecurity in practical production.

Lecture – 16 hours (8+8) – Classroom

  1. Culture technique of some important species
  2. Aquaculture technology based better management practices (BMP, GAP, CoC)
  3. Biosecurity and animal health management in aquaculture

Practice– 8 hours (8)-  Field visit

-         Fieldtrip to fish farms

Final report including business plan: by each participant – max. 3 pages

Presentation of results by the group of students/participants (Seminar Room)

-         Techniques and lessons learned

-         Wrap-up by Instructor (1 hour)

Feedback and evaluation by students / participants

Resource person: Dr Phan Thi Van