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Service/Product name: Cage aquaculture training course

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description

Course objectives

To provide systematic  knowledge and practical aspects on cage designs, establishing and operation of cage farming in rivers and reservoirs, with an emphasis on small-scale and medium cage farming with low cost production and benefit able and sustainable development

Course schedule

- Duration: Two-weeks (one week theory, one week field-trip and final project)

- Recommended dates: March—June

- Number of participants: 10-20

Expected outcome

- Understand the theory and practical to operate cage culture farming in the river and reservoir

- Select relevant site and design the cage for selected location

- Optimize cost production and benefit able from the farming

- Contribute to sustainable development and produce quality and quantity fish

Course Evaluation

Based on final project presentation and discussion

Course fee

- 2000-3000 USD/participant/course (for lecturers, administration, domestic travel, chemical and material for practice, accommodation, food)

- Not including international flight

(The fee can be changed depending on each requirement)

Course contents

Section 1: Lectures

Module 1. Introduction

- Aquaculture: current status and future demand

- Cage culture: current status and development trend

- Aquaculture in Vietnam and roles/contribution of cage culture in general

Module 2. Cage design and construction

- Material comparison and selection: quality, quantity and cost…

- Design: relationship between geography condition and design

- Construction

Module 3. Limnology and water quality

- River: Characteristics and application

- Reservoir: Characteristic and application

- Evaluation condition for cage culture

- Site selection and installing cages

Module 4. Planning and overall management

- Production planning: cost and opportunity analysis

- Preparing and requirement

- Management aspects

Module 5. Stocking

- Seed selection and size

- Quality, quantity and testing for seed and cage system

- Stocking and managing

Module 6. Feeding

- Quantity and quality testing

- Formulating and processing

- Storage and feeding of fish 

Module 7. Environment management

- Water quality management and disease prevention

- Disease treatment

Module 8. Harvesting and marketing

Section 2: Field trip and study tour

- Cage culture site in Yen Bai reservoir, the mountainous province of Yen Bai

- Cage culture site in the Bac Hung Hai canal, the low-lying province of Hung Yen.

- Grass carp cage culture in the river in the mountainous province of Tuyen Quang

- Sturgeon and rainbow trout cage culture in Na Hang reservoir, Tuyen Quang province

- Freshwater Brood-stock Centre for the Northern Vietnam

- Hanoi capital sight-seeing (after class-time)


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